Andrijana Spasov

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Hello! Greetings from quiet town in Serbia! My real name is Andrijana, but people usually call me with lot of different names and I am answering on each of them. My Facebook name is Marilyn Wolff. Marilyn as Marilyn Manson and Wolff as Tilo Wolff. Dear memory from the days I listened that kind of music. I am history teacher who never worked as a teacher and never investigated history during work on different job positions. Now I would like to combine history and writing as I have never seen myself as a teacher. In a free time (in the last two months I have it a lot), I like to walk and to work as a,photographer. Since my family is pure, as a,lot of families in Serbia, I have one 7 years old laptop and I would like to by myself a better one in order to make better photos using lightroom program for making Photoshop. I am dreaming about new photocamera. I have Canon eos 1100 d, which is ok as a first dslr camera in my life, but I would like something better. I imagine myself as a great

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